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Off the Beaten Path

Join Chai Tours for an unmatched summer of fun and meaningful connections.

30 camper sites
25 caravan sites*
50 tent sites
10 glamp sites*
10 cabin houses

Nature's Effect

Hike up mountains, raft in waters, and feel energized as you bask in nature’s raw beauty. As you explore Hashem's majestic world, you will discover many new things around you, and in yourself too.

Chai Family

We build, travel, and do everything as a team. The warmth and camaraderie creates a most accepting place for each individual to thrive. Staff and campers alike, we’re all in this together.

Camping Experience

Learn the methods and creativity of living in a complete camping environment. Outdoor cooking, tent pitching, and wholesome eating will reset your energy and boost your stamina.

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The Tour of the Year:





“The fun we had was abnormal. The hikes and stunning views were incredible and really showed me that Hashem can do anything!
“I gained so much from this camp. I went so much out of my comfort zone, which made me a stronger and better person. Every hike that I went on was hard, making me stronger and able to deal with hard situations much more easily. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!”
“The davening in camp really was beautiful and inspired me to continue davening at home in such a manner.”
“Chai Tours really changed me into a better person and taught me how to overcome everyday challenges.”
“I want to thank you for giving my daughter such good, healthy, and powerful hashkafos. There is nothing better than the perfect mix, and she got it all.”
“This amazing journey will surely help my daughter get through the walls and cliffs and ropes of life.”

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    A deposit of $500 is due with the application. The application will only be reviewed if a deposit was given.

    Once accepted, the camper has 5 days to confirm her slot. The deposit will be processed once she confirms. The deposit will be returned/refunded if the camper is not accepted or if she gives up her slot within the 5 days.

    Please select the form of payment for the deposit:

    Check – Write it out to Chai Tours and mail it to 541 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn NY 11218

    Credit Card – complete the CC Authorization form (click to download) and email it to info@chaitours.net. There is a 3.5% processing fee for CC payments.

    Quickpay / Zelle – info@chaitours.net

    Please submit the following information, and we will contact you regarding available staff positions.